Tinder Usgae Guide for Beginners!

 What is Tinder?

Tinder is an online dating platform where people can date and meet new people online and may or may not form a relationship and take it forward. Tinder is a platform where people find other people with different or similar interests and they have the option to swipe for the person they like and who knows, it can be a match! Everything available in just an app. It is a very popular dating site and is used by people across the country. One can also choose a location range to find dates. So, finding a date is fun and easy. What’s exciting about this? Well, the wow factor is, you get to choose from a lot of options available. Plus knowing what they like or what they don’t and few other information about them is definitely an add on. One just needs to swipe right if they like the person or swipe left if they don’t like them.



Statistics -

As per business of apps data, Tinder had nearly 350 Million swipes per day in the US which makes it to 4000 swipes per second in the US. It gradually increased to 1 billion swipes per day towards the end of 2014. Before 2014, the app was absolutely free but then during 2015 , Tinder introduced something titled premium subscription wherein the paid or the subscribed users can get additional features under Tinder plus. This is not it, during 2017, Tinder introduced something called Tinder Gold membership. As per 2021, Tinder made almost 17 percent overall presence in between its competitors, Bumble , match and E harmony. According to a divided data , 52 percent of people were aged between 18 to 24 who used the app followed by 31 percent 25 to 34 and 6 percent 35 plus. 

Tinder is a brand from the parent company Match group and was launched in september 2012.  Tinder has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Tinder was basically launched on college campuses and was targeted at the youth. This app mainly helps individuals to find their match from an amazing choice of options. 

A beginners guide to Tinder usage  -

Step 1 

Download the Tinder app - the tinder app is available for both android and Ios devices. So, one can easily go to the play store or the app store and download the app from there. All you need to do is search TINDER on the search tab and there you go. Click on the official tinder app and click on the button beside to install. Once it is installed, you are ready for the next step.

Step 2

Create an account on the Tinder app - just like any other apps , you need to sign up or register yourself on the Tinder app. One cannot use it without registration. Ask why? The answer is simple. People are there to find a good match for themselves, so without providing information how is it even possible? Therefore one needs to register on the app , provide basic information like name, age, interests , picture etc. and create an account with the app. 

Step 3

Select a good picture - well, this is a part of step 2 but this point is a very special one that is why we decided to make it a step 3. Tinder is all about a good first impression in order to have a swipe right. The first impression is formed in the prospective date’s mind even before the hookup line or the neverending conversations. So , what’s the secret? Good picture with a clear view of the face lets others know who you are and what you look like in real life. Picture is the online medium one can imagine how the person behind the phone screen looks. So, it is very important to have a good picture and a cheerful and fun smile such that you look friendly and people swipe for you.

Step 4 

Write a good bio - For starters, write who you are, what you do, what you like and what you don’t. Or you can choose to have a funky one liner because why not? Be smart and cool. Talk about yourself using single words  like food| movies|fun or include something like a popular TV show or movie! Like Harry Potter or Friends. Write something like which house you belong to from Harry potter or talk about Friends or How I met your mother or anything else per say. Your bio should be attractive enough to attract people. It should either leave the person curious to know more about you or be excited to talk to you. In either of the situations, text will definitely come to your inbox.

Step 5

Understand what each sign under each photo stands for - there are signs for undo, like, superlike , dislike and boost . one can choose any option they want to use. These signs help you take actions on a profile. Undo option helps one to undo their last swipe in case they want to. Many times you might feel that this is not right, you definitely have the option to undo your choice. You can dislike someone using the dislike button. The boost option can help you increase the visibility of your profile for next thirty minutes and yes one can get one free boost per month. Like option helps one to match with the other person if they like you back. Super Like option helps one to like a profile and the other person can get notified about it.

Step 6 

Set your settings - you can change your location preference or you can also choose to date whoever you want. Change the gender preference. Switch on notifications for new matches, new messages , likes and super likes. You can go to your profile and review and edit your choices and preferences and pictures as well. 

Now that we know the basic functions provided by Tinder, we definitely know why it is popular and how amazing it is! Tinder is popular among the youth because it is more than just a dating app. It connects you with thousands of matches in just a click. Tinder is amazing if you use it correctly and your safety is in your hands. Talk to people , take time and take the conversation forward accordingly. Now that you know the basics, go ahead and explore the app and get the best out of it. Have fun, meet new people , make friends and stay safe. Let’s hope that you meet really very nice people!



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